Noble County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jason Mackie


Jail Roster

Name/ Booking Date/ Offense

Allen, Brian/ 6-6-24/ Failure to Appear

Anderson, Jason/ 6-13-24/ Probation Violation

Anderson, Zachary/ 5-31-24/ Probation Violation

Bebb-Harris, William/ 6-6-24/ Domestic Violence

Blair, Dylan/ 4-26-24/ Vandalism

Cook, Preston/ 4-16-24/ Probation Violation

Dailey, April/ 6-12-24/ Trafficking in Drugs

Dennis, Jordan/ 5-21-24/ Probation Violation

Edward, Donald/ 6-6-24/ Probation Violation

Eschman, Tyler/ 4-5-23/ Probation Violation, Assault

Fisher, Clyde/ 5-24-24/ Bond Revocation

Fisher, Justin/ 5-27-24/ Domestic Violence, Assault

Foreman, Mark/ 6-13-24/ Driving Under Suspension

Garcia, Abraham/ 4-15-24/ Domestic Violence, Strangulation

Guiler, Camryn/ 6-18-24/ Theft

Hawk, John/ 6-18-24/ Probation Violation

Hickman, Weston/ 6-18-24/ Probation Violation

Johnson, Jeanna/ 5-17-24/ Burglary

Lambert, Tony/ 5-7-24/ Bond Revocation

Lanning, Matthew/ 5-20-24/ Bond Revocation

Lawson, David/ 5-14-24/ Failure to Appear

Logan, James/ 6-13-24/ Domestic Violence

Long, Wendy/ 5-14-24/ Probation Violation

Loofbourrow, Shawn/ 6-17-24/ Probation Violation

Mitchell, Ryan/ 6-18-24/ Domestic Violence

Myers, Jasson/ 4-26-24/ Resisting Arrest

Payton, Alisa/ 6-12-24/ Possession of Drugs

Powers, Ace/ 5-30-24/ Complicity

Price, Robert/ 5-9-24/ Probation Violation

Sager, Joshua/ 6-6-24/ Bond Revocation

Sellers, Ryan/ 5-17-24/ DUS

Shane, Robert/ 5-14-24/ Receiving Stolen Property

Shuler, Caleb/ 4-10-24/ Endangering Children

Tritipo, Joe/ 6-8-24/ Probation Violation

Will, Chase/ 5-17-24/ Injuring Animals

Wilson, Paul/ 5-7-24/ Probation Violation

Writsal, Robert/ 5-7-24/ Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor