Noble County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jason Mackie


Jail Roster

Name/Booking Date/Offense

Bates, Thomas 7/19/22 Probation Violation

Bunting, Joshua 6/10/22 Probation Violation

Burkes, Ricardo 8/11/22 Probation Violation

Callihan, Randall 6/14/22 Notice of resident address change

Carbenia, Mario 4/26/22 Failure to comply with the order or signal of a officer, RSP

Church, Eldon 7/22/22 FTA/ Warrant

Davis, Thomas.O 8/11/22 Juvenile court pickup

Eschman, Tyler 5/19/22 Probation Violation

Fox, Michael 7/9/22 Felonious assault

Hodge, Christopher 8/1/22 P.V.

Nicholson, Cynthia 7/22/22 Galia county

Schmelzenbach, Scott 2/22/22 Probation Violation/ FTA

Short, Jessie 7/29/22 Illegal Manufacture of Drugs

Sully, Casey 7/26/22 Aggravated vehicular homicide

Thacker, Carla 6/27/22 Probation Violation

Thompson, Tyrone 6/27/22 Probation Violation

Wheeler, Matthew 8/5/22 Domestic Violence