Noble County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jason Mackie


Jail Roster

Name/ Booking Date/ Offense

Bragg, Charles/ 2-14-24/ Theft

Burks, Ricardo/ 3-27-24/ Probation Violation

Coleman, Timothy/ 3-19-24/ Probation Violation

Conley, Christopher/ 4-4-24/ Probation Violation

Davis, Nicholas/ 4-9-24/ Felonious Assault

Delancey, Roger/ 6-8-23/ Intimidation

Eschman, Tyler/ 4-5-23/ Probation Violation, Assault

Farrell, Michael/ 3-22-24/ Hold for Tennessee

Foreman, Mark/ 3-31-24/ DUI

Gibson, Bryan/ 4-6-24/ Probation Violation

Heard, Darrius/ 2-18-24/ Possession of Drugs

Huffman, Ozzy/ 4-3-24/ Failure to Appear

Huntsman, Cindy/ 4-8-24/ Theft

Jones, Michael/ 12-14-23/ Probation Violation

Leach, Michelle/ 4-9-24/ Probation Violation

Linn, Jade/ 3-28-24/ Illegal Conveyance

Mallory, Wayne/ 2-20-24/ Pandering Obscenity involving a Minor

Merinar, Wanda/ 4-9-24/ Failure to Appear

Older, Jake/ 3-19-24/ Probation Violation

Pierce, Jeremy/ 3-20-24/ Failure to Appear

Rathburn, Joshua/ 3-20-24/ Probation Violation

Reed, Pamela/ 1-8-24/ Theft, Telecommunications Fraud, Forgery

Shuler, Caleb/ 4-10-24/ Endangering Children

Stanley, David/ 2-7-24/ Domestic Violence, Strangulation, Child Endangerment, Agg Menacing

Swartz, Travis/ 3-19-24/ Failure to Appear

Wilson, Deryl/ 3-19-24/ Failure to Appear