Noble County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jason Mackie


Jail Roster

Name/Booking Date/Offense

Anderson, Steven 10/4/23 FTA

Blagg, Dustin 11/2/23 Grand theft, Burglary

Brown, John 11/1/23 Domestic violence

Cable, Devan 11/13/23 Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor

Davis, Brian 11/9/23 Breaking and Entering

Delancey, Roger 6/8/23 Intimidation

Dillon, Jeff 11/9/23 Disrupting public services

Eschman, Tyler 4/5/23 Probation Violation

Fair, Christopher 8/10/23 Probation Violation

Fairrow, Mark 8/28/23 Resisting arrest

Fleming, Joshua 8/24/23 DUS, Criminal trespassing

Gheen, Kaleb 8/29/23 Possession of drugs

Giesey, James 5/5/23 Probation Violation

Gilmore, Matthew 9/26/23 Meigs county

Grover, Brandon 10/5/23 Intimidation, Obstructing official business, Resisting arrest

Houser Jr. Franklin 10/25/23 Possession of controlled substance

Husk, Ronald 10/31/23 Morgan County uy

Johnston, Ronald 8/21/23 Using weapons while intoxicated

Kirby, Levi 11/9/23 Failure to register, APA Hold

McKown, James 10/28/23 Felonious assault, Resisting arrest

Milhoan, Mikel 10/25/23 Domestic Violence

Murphy, Chelsea 10/23/23 Criminal simulation

Older, Jake 9/20/23 FTA

See, Stephen 10/25/23 Improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle

Shane, Robert 9/20/23 Probation violation, Theft, Disorderly conduct

Snyder, Adam 11/1/23 Domestic violence, Burglary

Tolbert, Emmitt 9/20/23 Felonious assault

Tritipo, Joe 11/9/23 Domestic violence

Tucker, Jesse 9/26/23 RSP, Burglary, Theft,

Warner, Dillion 11/7/23 Probation Violation

White, Jaquan 11/9/23 Domestic violence

Wickham, Devon 10/23/23 Tampering with evidence