Noble County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jason Mackie


Jail Roster

Name/Booking Date/Offense

Anderson, Kelly 1/5/23 Non-support

Brown, Devin 2/24/23 Probation Violation

Church, Michael 1/5/23 Probation Violation

Coblentz, Ryan 12/20/22 FTA

Currence, Jessica 3/3/23 Harrison county hold

Eschman, Tyler 2/21/23 Intimidation

Fisher, Justin 11/23/22 Assault

Gibbs, Fredrick 3/11/23 FTA

Giesey, James 1/22/23 Sexual Battery

Gleason, Ronald 3/3/2023 Meigs county hold

Hackathorn, Gary 12/19/22 Possession of controlled substance

Harclerode, Christopher 3/3/23 Deception to obtain a dangerous drug

Hart, Jerry 3/9/23 Obstructing official business

Houser, Franklin 2/14/23 Theft

Huffman, Gregory 12/8/22 Rape, GSI

James, Derek 1/20/23 Complicity, Having weapons under disability

Kimes, Joseph 2/28/23 DUS

Laguerre, Christopher 3/3/23 Complicity

Laguerre, Elijah 3/3/23 Complicity

Lambert, Terry 2/24/23 Meigs county

Leach, Jefferey 3/12/23 FTA

Leib, Wayne 12/8/22 Murder. Aggravated Murder

Lewis, Lester 3/2/2023 Meigs county hold

Linton, Bridgette 3/9/23 Obstructing official business

Loofbourrow, Shawn 12/26/22 Assault

Peckham, Jason 2/21/23 FTA

Quillen, Tammy 3/11/23 Possession of controlled substance

Shane, Robert 2/22/23 Breaking and Entering

Smith, Anthony 2/22/23 DUS

Steed, Gage 3/5/23 Probation Hold

Stone, Ryan 2/21/23 FTA

Strode, Doug 3/9/23 Probation Violation

Tolbert, Emmitt 1/11/23 Return for Jud. Release

Wheeler, Derek 12/26/22 Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

Wiemuth, Chad 3/8/22 APA holder

Williams, Travis 3/11/23 FTA

Writesal, William 1/9/23 Possession of drugs